Day 4

First stop of the day was a roadside park. Actually the road was the park. Sections of the original road has been saved and a park was setup using these sections.

Next we stopped in Atlanta, Illinois. I walk off to take pics. While I’m gone, an older gentleman walks up to Sandy and starts telling her history of the town. He is 96 years old and has lived in Atlanta his whole life.

Sandy and I decide to try out the little café. When we go in, we notice they have homemade pies. I order apple and she tries a blueberry. One of the best pies I’ve eaten.

Back on Route 66 and we are looking for the giant Abe and his wagon. The map is a little sketchy and Abe isn’t’ where we think the map shows. We give up and head on down the road. Then we see the giant Abe and the largest covered wagon in the world.

We roll into Springfield and start looking for Lincoln’s Tomb. Very impressive. I took several pics from the outside, and even though they said pics was OK on the inside, I only took a couple.

A couple wrong turns and we get back on the right road heading out of Springfield. Find the Route 66 Drive-In while lost then see one of the giants when we are back on the right road.

In Virden there is a large park in the center of the town. They have a couple monuments in the park. Old buildings wrap around the park.

We see a motel in Carlinville, we head there and check in. On the square is a pizza place, Reno’s Pizzeria. After dinner, we took a few pics around the square.

RT 66 Day 4