If you are getting tired of old service stations, old restaurant signs and old bridges, well I have something a little more exciting today. It should be illegal to post some of these pics and some aren’t for young eyes. Use your own judgment.
The day starts with a visit to the Route 66 HD dealer in Tulsa. Bad news, not open on Sunday. That saved me a Hundred Dollars.
We start following the signs to head west. We see an old station and stop for a few pics.
The book says a burger stand is in Sapulpa. Happy Burger is the oldest burger stand in Sapulpa. Opened in 1957. Great we can eat early today. It wasn’t to be. Closed today.
The book says the Rock Café has burned but they plan to rebuild. We arrive at the café and it has been rebuilt, but is closed. I notice a veterans memorial park next to the café. I have to take these pics. We settle on a Mexican restaurant. Food was very good and reasonable.
The next stop is the best stop so far. Here I take the photos that should be illegal. Seaba Station in Warwick, OK. First, these guys found a building on Route 66 that was a machine shop in the 1920s and is on the National Register. Then they add 40-50 bikes from a 1919 MotoPed to a 1993 KZ 1000 police bike. Add helmets, leathers, boots, tools and photos from all eras.
I start talking to the guy at the desk and he’s one of the owners. He’s going to ride in the cannonball next year and will be at Barbers Vintage Festival again this year. http://seabastation.com/
After wiping the drool from my lip, we mount up and head west again. We wind through Oklahoma City and into Britton, where there was a trading post.
Call it a day and check in at a motel in Yukon, OK.

Day 8