We head out of Yukon and find a Standard station.

In Hydro, we find an old machine shop and soda shop. Both are closed.

Next stop General Thomas P. Stafford museum. Pics of a couple planes and a space capsule.

Just outside of town, we stop at The Trading Post Restaurant. They advertise a “buffalo burger” so I give it a try. Looks and taste like regular beef. It was a good burger.

We head to the National Route 66 Museum. When we get ready to look around a car with “69 cord” on the tag is backing out to leave. We go through the museum and see some nice old bikes, cars and even an airplane. A short movie gives some background on Route 66.

Most of the old route is very rough and after riding on it most of the day, I decide to hit the interstate and get to the halfway. This gives my shocks, back and Sandy’s hip a break from the roads.

Side note. There are several options to run older parts of Route 66 that are dirt.

We roll into Amarillo just after the rain hits. It’s a little chilly, but no rain for us.

We stop in Vega for the night. We will get to the halfway point on Tuesday and then head east toward home.

Day 9