Adrian is the geo-mathematical point on Route 66 between Chicago and LA. The little restaurant was built before the 60’s. In the 60’s ity was expanded to the size it is now. Across the street the sign says 1139 miles to Chicago and to LA. We had a good breakfast and a piece of apple pie. It was good, but not great. I made a sweep through the gift shop and picked up a few things, total bill for breakfast ans gifts….$66.65

We left Adrian heading back to Huntsville. Total miles so far, 1999. We planned one more stop on the way back.

Cadillac Ranch – We exit off I-40 at exit 60. We see several cars and bikes along the road. We stop to take the pics and have to walk about 1000ft out into a field that had muddy spots. Once out in the field we take the pics and head back.

We hit I-40 and head for home. We stopped tonight about 120 miles from Arkansas. Should be back in Huntsville by Thursday. This has been a great trip and I hope you have enjoyed the pics.

We have seen folks from at least 8 other countries that have come to the US just to ride Route 66. We have a piece of American history here, go ride Route 66. Don’t wait. The road and buildings are disappearing every day.

Day 10